“There are no secrets to the dead”

PUBLISHED IN 2017, Dead Men Naked is Dario’s debut novel, categorized as “Part horror, part fantasy and part magical realism, this is best described as a dark tragicomedy”.

After the sudden and somewhat comical death of his best friend Neil, Lou’s tequila-fuelled ghostly visions will bring him alone to face his Death – quite literally, in the form of a skinny, sarcastic anthropomorphic embodiment of his end-of-time which – who? – goes by the name of D.

The strange duo will be forced to begin a road trip from dusty interstates to lousy strip clubs, during which they’ll have time to know each other and discuss the meaning of life, love, and Everything.

Will Lou be able to stop the apparitions, and save Neil’s soul?
But more importantly: will he make peace with his own Death?

Quirky, gripping and profoundly strange, Dead Men Naked is a unique story that entertains and, almost despite itself, makes us think.